Think Bank

Rochester, MN

Job Title:
Special Assets Analyst

Think Bank is seeking an individual with a background in commercial banking and credit analysis to join the team as a Special Assets Analyst. As a Special Assets Analyst, you will manage a commercial portfolio of troubled debts and work directly with businesses to generate action plans to help get them back in better standing and mitigate potential future losses.

You will use your in-depth knowledge of commercial credit and your experience in managing customer relationships to actively engage with business customers to build relationships working to ensure early intervention and preempt future credit problems. You will regularly meet with key troubled business borrowers to review processes and monitor financial performance to mitigate against potential loss to the bank. Using your analytical skills and credit expertise you will deliver effect solutions and formulate strategies to maximize financial recovery for trouble business accounts. You will possess excellent skills in negotiation to manage resolution of business accounts to negotiate modifications, settlements, account restrictions foreclosures or repossessions if necessary. This position will be also be supported by an experienced, outside consultant as necessary when analyzing and developing action plans. The Special Assets Analyst will also act a key player on the team working in the Credit Analyst function by evaluating the financial condition of individuals and businesses applying for commercial credit and underwriting commercial loans. You will complete annual reviews and monitoring of customer relationships. You will use your credit analysis skills to analyze credit information and financial statements and prepare credit approval presentations and loan proposals for commercial requests. Acting as a team player the Special Assets analyst will serve as a resource for front-line staff providing thoughtful recommendations and suggestions regarding credit presentations. You will also provide recommendations for changes and enhancements to commercial credit guidelines and processes and product development.

Education and Experience: Bachelor's Degree required; Accounting, Finance, Business or related field preferred 5 years' experience in business banking 2 years' experience in commercial credit workout preferred


How to Apply:
Apply online - Contact Laura Gilbertson with questions:, 507-536-5858